Best way to improve your coding productivity

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What is so special about emmet?


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Become an expert in Modern JavaScript and better at React, Angular, Vue

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Let and const

And also learn how to add drag and drop feature to upload any type of file

File Upload


  • How to upload a file using drag and drop
  • How to upload and download any type of file
  • How to restrict the type of the file while uploading
  • How to restrict the size of the file while uploading
  • How to show a preview of the image after selecting it
  • How to use MongoDB to store and get the details of the file

Bookmark Manager App


  • If you’re new to GraphQL and Apollo…

Learn the way to secure your application data using environment variables

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Using Create React App

with single .env file:

Spotify Music Search App



  1. How to create an npm package
  2. How to install it locally before publishing to test its functionality
  3. How to install and use the published package using ES6 import syntax or using Node.js require statement
  4. How to manage semantic versioning of the package
  5. How to update the package with the new version and publish it again

Generate JSON data quickly to use in any application

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Some of the most useful and popular VS Code extensions you should use

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1. Relative Path

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