Best way to improve your coding productivity

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In this article, we will talk about . A very popular and highly useful tool that is built into almost every IDE out there like Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text etc.

If you’re using , then you might be happy to know that emmet is also available in codepen. …

Become an expert in Modern JavaScript and better at React, Angular, Vue

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In today’s constantly changing world, a lot of new content and updates are coming to JavaScript which are very useful for improving your code quality.

Knowing these things are really important whether it’s for getting a high paying job or to keep up to date with the latest trends and…

Learn the way to secure your application data using environment variables

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Using Environment variables is very important to keep your private information secure.

It may contain your API keys or database credentials or any other private information. It’s always recommended to use environment variables to keep the information secure and you should never write them directly in your code.

Also, you…

Generate JSON data quickly to use in any application

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In most of the applications, you need to have some static JSON data with which you can create and test the application without directly using the production data.

If you’re building an e-commerce application, you may need a list of product details with the product name, image, and price to…

Yogesh Chavan

Full Stack Developer | JavaScript | React | Nodejs.

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