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In this article, we will talk about Emmet. A very popular and highly useful tool that is built into almost every IDE out there like Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text etc.

If you’re using Codepen, then you might be happy to know that emmet is also available in codepen. So you can type abbreviations to generate code in Codepen.

What is so special about emmet?

It allows us to just type some abbreviations and generate the output HTML and CSS code.

It increases your productivity to a great extent so you don’t have to type the same repetitive code again and again.


Emmet is already available…

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Over the past few years, there have been many updates to the JavaScript language. And these updates are very useful if you want to improve your coding skills.

So let’s look at some of the things added in JavaScript which you need to be familiar with to improve your skills and get a high paying job.

Note: This is the final short preview of content from Mastering Modern JavaScript book. There is a lot more covered in the actual book.

Check out my previous post to get more preview content if you missed it.

So let’s get started.


ES7 has…

Become an expert in Modern JavaScript and better at React, Angular, Vue

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In today’s constantly changing world, a lot of new content and updates are coming to JavaScript which are very useful for improving your code quality.

Knowing these things are really important whether it’s for getting a high paying job or to keep up to date with the latest trends and improve your code quality or to sustain your current Job.

There are many latest additions to JavaScript like Nullish coalescing operator, optional chaining, Promises, async/await, ES6 destructuring, and a lot more other features which are very useful.

Let’s explore some of the Modern JavaScript skills you should know.

Let and const

Before ES6…

And also learn how to add drag and drop feature to upload any type of file

File Upload


In this article, we will create a file upload and download functionality with a preview of the image using the MERN stack.

By creating this App, you will learn

  • How to upload a file using drag and drop
  • How to upload and download any type of file
  • How to restrict the type of the file while uploading
  • How to restrict the size of the file while uploading
  • How to show a preview of the image after selecting it
  • How to use MongoDB to store and get the details of the file

and much more.

Instead of storing the file in…

Create an amazing JAMStack App from scratch

Bookmark Manager App

In this article, you will create a Bookmark Manager App using FaunaDB GraphQL API and Netlify serverless functions.

By creating this app with FaunaDB, you will understand how FaunaDB helps to quickly create GraphQL apps without worrying about managing the GraphQL server and its configuration on your own.

Fauna comes with GraphQL playground so you just have to provide the schema and Fauna does all the magic behind the scenes.

You can see the live demo of the final working application in the video below

  • If you’re new to GraphQL and Apollo…

Learn the way to secure your application data using environment variables

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Using Environment variables is very important to keep your private information secure.

It may contain your API keys or database credentials or any other private information. It’s always recommended to use environment variables to keep the information secure and you should never write them directly in your code.

Also, you need to make sure that, you add the environment variables file name to your .gitignore file so it will not be added to your Git repository when you push the code to the repository.

Let’s look at the various ways of using the environment variables

Using Create React App

If you’re using create-react-app, then…

Create a Spotify App with OAuth Authentication

Spotify Music Search App

In this article, you will create a Fully Responsive Spotify Music Search App using Spotify Music API.

By creating this App, you will learn

1. How to use Spotify API to provide OAuth authentication
2. How to search for the Albums, Artists and Playlists
3. Display the details with a beautiful UI
4. Play the songs directly from the list
5. How to add load more functionality to the app
6. How to add and maintain separate load more functionality for Albums, Artists and Playlists

and much more.

You can see the live…

Easily create and publish an npm module to npm repository


In this tutorial, you will create your own npm package and publish it to the npm repository.

By doing this, you will understand:

  1. How to create an npm package
  2. How to install it locally before publishing to test its functionality
  3. How to install and use the published package using ES6 import syntax or using Node.js require statement
  4. How to manage semantic versioning of the package
  5. How to update the package with the new version and publish it again

To be precise, you will build a package that will return a…

Generate JSON data quickly to use in any application

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In most of the applications, you need to have some static JSON data with which you can create and test the application without directly using the production data.

If you’re building an e-commerce application, you may need a list of product details with the product name, image, and price to test.

If you want to showcase something then first you will need some data to display on the UI.

Faker has around 1.4M weekly downloads (as of 19 August, 2020).

Some of the most useful and popular VS Code extensions you should use

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Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is the most popular IDE for Developers right now because of its simplicity and the availability of extensive extensions.

In this article, we will see some of the most useful and popular extensions in the VS Code.

1. Relative Path

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